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"Eobath" strengthens quality consciousness on every member. In order to ensure the final product quality, each article will be inspected with national standard and ensure defectives will be identified, corrected or eliminated. The company shall abide by the following three quality control steps:

A. Improving manufacturing and assembly quality with three inspection procedures:

1. First Article Inspection:

The first article must be inspected by worker and re-inspected by inspector before manufacturing and assembly. Then, Mass-production will be allowed after its’ quality meets the required standard.

2. Routing Inspection:

Each component must be inspected (100% testing before assembly or delivery) 
According to the inspection result and quality requirement instructions, the defectives will be reworked or rejected. Sampling inspection will be done to avoid the defectives enter next process.

3. Final Inspection:

·Once the production process is complete, each batch or process shall be entered to
the final inspection area.
·The percentage of sampling inspection covers 60%,  100%
inspection will be done when find any defective during the testing for key or unstable
performance parts, marking the products with three levels: unqualified , qualified and
Superior (High performace)

B. Improving quality of manufacturing required materials in three (3) procedures:

Incoming Inspection:

All incoming materials shall be inspected and then re-inspected during the manufacturing process to meet standard.

a.       It should be inspected at the rate of 50% supplied from the reliable suppliers (sampling inspection & routing Inspection)

b.       Incoming materials being supplied from a new supplier should be inspected 100%. It will be undertaken a minimum of three times to ensure the final stable quality.

c.       It will be undertaken 100% inspection when the quality is unstable.

2. Assembly process:

The objective is to control quality to 100% acceptance during the assembly process.
All key and unstable components with performance shall be re-inspected before assembly. 
Meanwhile, during the assembling, all key components (parts) shall be tested as per specifications. 
Each interface should be suitably assembled and tested after assembling, then completely test the finished product.


Based on the working card, inspection processing card and warehousing entry, the inspector shall re-inspect the prevenient defectives during FAI .100% inspection is needed for existing  defectives. Marking the products in stock and safely keeping.

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