Lead the new concept of bathroom furniture, in many aspects is the leader of the new trend.
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EOBATH bathroom furniture is a kind of furniture that never inflates under the influence of water, never combustion-supporting, no a drop of paint, does not contain a drop of formaldehyde, never needs to maintain lifetime. It is Natural antiseptic, never needs to cut down a tree, can recycle, it is healthy and Eco-friendly, avirulent Insipidity.

EOBATH bathroom furniture, derived from the original Italian design space.

Urban fashion, Reflect the quality of life. 

Fashionable EOBATH people believe that Quality is the essence of the brand development. Quality extends fashion is not only the commitment to customers, but the extension of romance, warm and fashionable life.

Comfortable life enjoy it
Keep up with international top technology trends and modern healthy and environmental requests. EOBATH designer create original space mix design concept together. Decorate the home into the concert hall, cafe, library and dressing room.

Clean life Original and simple.
Use the material reasonably, to protect the environment live happily.
Every process from select material to manufacture products, everyone who touches it, no matter poor or rich, are required to have a content with their focus on the heart, to find out the problems which hide in the productive process and look for the solution to develop the new products which lead the times, to percept consumer’s every small needs and meet their needs

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